Powerline Clearing

Tall trees and power lines are not a good mix, which is why there are strict rules in place to protect the public from electrocution, when they go about removing vegetation from powerlines.

Tackling the job yourself can be very dangerous, and specialist equipment is needed to avoid electrocution. Treescape have the expertise, equipment and procedures (including significant public liability insurance cover) to safely carry out tree maintenance around power lines. Our crews are employed by a number of major power networks across New Zealand and Australia to scope and audit power networks, and to carry out line clearing in both residential and rural areas.

Treescape have a fleet of trucks equipped with insulated buckets on long-reach booms which allow crews to reach trouble spots with safety and precision. Large capacity chip bins are used for debris disposal, leaving the job as tidy as possible on completion.

Depending on your circumstances, Treescape are happy to advice on the best approach to tame the vegetation around your power and services lines. Get in touch with us to start the conversation or book an onsite consult.